About Windermere

Forged in Gold, our insignia embodies the spirit of creation itself. Regal, sublime and authentic, our craft is a tribute to all that is spectacular.

Inspired by The Great Royal Houses of England, our creations remain reminiscent of imperial luxury in its absolute sense.

Bespoke & Handcrafted Signature Collections brought to you from the house of Windermere.

Windermere is a celebration of art that has nature at its heart. Bespoke Handcrafted furniture has been our expertise since 2004. We believe we create art and not furniture as each piece is crafted to tell its own story. A story woven around the taste and desires of our customers. Our work is an extension of our passion and deepest appreciation for the finest that exists in the world of handcrafted furniture and design interiors. From the smallest of details to going the extra mile in making sure our customers experience luxury in its truest sense; their needs are personally attended and this tradition has spanned more than a decade.

Feel the proud exclusivity of possessing something ethereal - far drawn away from what is generally seen around for the masses - commonly sourced and inherently so similar.

References of some of our esteemed buyers would bear testimony to this fact. Business is conducted with a very personal touch where the in house support of our professional interior designers can be felt - both in spirit and substance of your furniture.

Outstation buyers have availed the pleasant experience of our logistic support - be it domestic or international.
We earnestly invite you to our showroom for a preview to draw your unbiased comparisons and conclusions.

At Windermere, reviving timeless classics is a passion we value more than business.